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Facebook cracks down on engagement-bait

Updated: Dec 22, 2017

On Monday December 18, Facebook has announced that the social network will implement new measures to demote posts that beg for engagement in user's news feed.

The tactic of asking users to like, share, tag, comment on a post has grown popular because it allowed Pages to artificially inflate their reach, while the content itself was of low quality and relevance to users.

In an effort to build a better News Feed, posts that shamelessly beg for interactions will now reach significantly less users, thanks to a new machine learning model that can detect different types of engagement bait. Pages that mainly rely on this type of content can expect additional consequences with a severe drop in the overall reach of the Page, should they not reevaluate their content strategy.

These changes will be rolled-out over the next few weeks, to give time to administrators to review their content for best practices and make any corrections necessary.

Facebook states that exceptions will be made to protect content which should legitimately ask for engagement from being impacted by those changes: such as when asking people for help or recommendations, circulating a missing child report, or raising money for a cause.

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